Expert Credentials

Integration Fox is the brainchild of a team of experts who
understand both the power of data and how frustrating it
is when data doesn’t do what you want it to do in the way
you want it to do it.


Dave Agent

20 years in technology.
CTO for numerous leading corporates and start-ups.

Ducksan Cho

Lead Developer
5 years leading software development teams.
Data evangelist.

Romi Dexter

Product Owner
20 years in digital. CIO & Digital GM for numerous leading corporates and start-ups.

Ryan Watkins

Commercial application of technical integration. Executive negotiations. GM of numerous leading digital and data organisations.

Nick O'Neill

Lead Sales
Inbound sales & marketing expert.
Director of Sales for numerous leading digital and data organisations.

Trusted Integrations

Keen to make your data work smarter and harder for your business? Try Integration Fox.


Revenue tracked each month


Records synced every hour

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Make your data work smarter & harder

Secure, scalable and simple data integration. Connect HubSpot and Marketo with one or more platforms to make it easier to track results and report on your business. Integration Fox lets you sync all of your data between multiple platforms and keep everything up-to-date. As you introduce more platforms to your business, it’s easy to add them to Integration Fox too. The 24/7 monitor keeps everything talking to each other every minute of the day, and if everything goes offline Integration Fox will store any data until it’s ready to be synced again.