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Pronto XI to HubSpot

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Pronto Xi and Hubspot Integration

Easily connect your Pronto ERP system to HubSpot and say goodbye to complex solutions for trying to manage your data and keeping it updated constantly. Think of it kind of as an easy-to-use connector between your business CRM and your Enterprise Resource Planning System. 

Made a recent update to a customer’s details? It’s already updated for you. Even if someone has recently swapped a phone number or email address but you’ve only changed it in one system? Integration Fox has you covered.


Introducing Integration Fox

  • Remove unnecessary duplication and double-handling between your Pronto Xi ERP and HubSpot CRM
  • Track your customers order history and launch targeted marketing campaigns
  • Integration Fox ensures that your customer data, order data, and product data match between the two platforms



Source of truth

  • Map multiple data points specific to each property type across both platforms
  • Automate and activate your HubSpot marketing campaigns from your website activity

Put your business on autopilot

Setup your automation workflows and see the magic in minutes. No Coding & IT help required.

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